Are you are constantly fighting fires, getting behind with your e-mails, struggling to meet important deadlines, or staying too late at the office?


Perhaps you are spending so much time with administration tasks that you don’t have enough time to dedicate to your marketing strategies, product development or training programmes.


You’ve come to the right place!


High Touch Virtual Solutions are specialists in providing Virtual PA Support, especially in the fields of HR and Training. Imagine how much you can achieve in your business when you have the opportunity to spend more time on the most important aspects, and less on the vital but mundane tasks.


We provide support for Learning and Development Training Programmes, and support services to HR Professionals, HR freelance trainers, Executive Coaches and Consultants.


If you’d like more time to focus on your business, coordinate your training, improve your work-life balance and become more effective in meetings, get in touch with High Touch Virtual Solutions today. You’ll discover just how easy it is for our HR Personal Assistant to start freeing up your time.

Well, thanks to High Touch Virtual Solutions… there is.


High Touch Virtual Solutions provides HR Virtual PA support, HR Event Management & HR Support Services to HR Professionals, HR freelance trainers, Executive Coaches and Consultants.


Discover how easy it is to arrange for our HR personal assistant to provide you with amazing results to grow your business.

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