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An HR Virtual Assistant and Online Project Manager solution that makes operating your business painless and profitable!


We help HR Professionals, Training Organisations, Executive Coaches, and Business Schools.  Me and my team help them manage online projects and deal with their administration overwhelm.

We speak your language.


We stop you:

  • fighting fires, getting behind with your e-mails and struggling to meet important deadlines
  • spending an excessive time with necessary but non-income-generating administration tasks
  • working long hours so you can have more time with your family
  • feeling exhausted trying to tackle creating your HR documents and presentations


Meet our HR Virtual Assistant and her team who can help you leverage your time. You can focus on your marketing strategies, product development or training interventions. We have experience in bolstering experential leadership programmes and project management.


Would you like more time to:

  •  to focus on your business
  • not to worry about tracking how your projects are doing and having to do the heavy lifting
  • design and focus on your training interventions
  • improve your work-life balance
  • give quality time to your clients and
  • create more visibility for your business?


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